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Online Dating

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How Much Sex in a Week, is a Good Number?

Sex, Love And Relationships – 49m

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  • Online Dating

    John and Helen Burns speak to Bianca Olthoff, who found love through online dating. Our relationship experts are in the hot seat with our studio audience. The hot topic - my sex drive is switched on, but my husband's isn't.

  • Grief

    Our guests, Tulele and Susana Faletolu are interviewed by Pastors John and Helen Burns about the need for men to speak about their grief, and Susana discusses the loss of a child.

  • Is Attractiveness Important?

    Relationship experts John and Helen Burns and Pastors Chrishan and Dani Jeyaratnam interview our guests, Elka and Thomas Whalan about being Olympians and the importance of positive body image beliefs.