New Releases

  • Brian Houston TV

    6 seasons

    Discover your God-given potential with Pastor Brian Houston as he shares empowering and inspiring messages from the Word of God.

  • Brave with Bobbie Houston

    1 season

    Join Pastor Bobbie Houston as she explores the lives of brave women from the Bible; including Esther, the Queen of Sheba and Mary, and draw inspiration from their modern day counterparts.

  • Hillsong Worship: There is More

    Movie + 17 extras

    Join in on Hillsong Worship’s 26th live praise & worship album “THERE IS MORE” recorded in Sydney, Australia. With songs such as “Who You Say I Am”, “Be Still”, “The Passion” and “New Wine”, “THERE IS MORE” brings you the very best in contemplative devotion and powerful declarations of praise for...

  • Hillsong Conference Live

    2 seasons

    Your exclusive ticket to all things Hillsong Conference featuring amazing international speakers, stunning worship moments and insightful interviews.

  • Hillsong Church: Phoenix

    2 seasons

    Experience Hillsong Church from around the world with this empowering message from the Hillsong Phoenix team.

  • Hillsong Church: New York

    1 season

    Experience Hillsong Church from around the world with this empowering message from the Hillsong New York team.

  • Craft-A-Noon
    57 videos


    57 videos

    Watch Graham & Nathan’s crafty ideas come to life in a hilarious and at times even skilled display of creativity. Graham teaches kids of all ages how to turn everyday items into extraordinary works art, and Nath tries his very best to help out.

  • Bible Stories
    32 videos

    Bible Stories

    32 videos

    Experience your favourite bible stories coming to life as skilled artists creatively draw, illustrate, paint and more! These segments are as educational as they are fun to watch.

  • Worship by Hillsong

    3 seasons

    Join Hillsong for worship in this one-hour journey through Hillsong's praise and worship music.

  • Let's Talk with Brian Houston

    1 season

    Join Brian Houston and special guests as they share their journey of how God has shaped their lives and the lessons they've learned in the process.