Hillsong Church: Sydney

Hillsong Church: Sydney

2 Seasons

Experience Hillsong Church from around the world with this empowering message from the Hillsong Sydney team.

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Hillsong Church: Sydney
  • Enough is Enough - Joel A'Bell

    Episode 1

    Joel A’Bell explains skilfully how we don’t have to add anything else to our faith, because what Jesus did is enough. Sin no longer needs to live in us, as the light of Christ is enough. Joel encourages us to live the abundant lives we are called to live.

  • Wonderstruck - Peter Toggs

    Episode 2

    Peter speaks a message to revitalise the spirit and to encourage us not to lose our wonder. He inspires us to not take our faith life and church community for granted and be expectant for the things of God. Never lose your wonder!

  • Not My Will - Robert Fergusson

    Episode 3

    Robert Fergusson brings a challenging word about what true submission to Christ looks like. We often say we will do God's will, but don't realise that we therefore need to forego our own will. What is God calling us to do? What do we need to lay aside in order to follow? Robert’s message is based...

  • I Love My Church - Julia A'Bell

    Episode 4

    Julia A’Bell brings a passionate message about her love for the local church. She is looking at the incredible impact the church makes in peoples lives. Julia shares her heart for the church she sees and rekindles a flame in the congregation to continue to gather together, knowing that we ARE the...