Hillsong Church: Sydney

Hillsong Church: Sydney

2 Seasons

Experience Hillsong Church from around the world with this empowering message from the Hillsong Sydney team.

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Hillsong Church: Sydney
  • Progressive Christianity - Joel A'Bell

    Episode 1

    As we live a life of devotion to Christ, there is a progress that should be associated with that. Pastor Joel A'Bell, teaches us about “Progressive Christianity” and unpacks what making progress in our faith should look like.

  • Reclaiming Fresh - Julia A'Bell

    Episode 2

    Pastor Julia A'Bell, preaches a message titled "Reclaiming Fresh." Julia speaks into keeping our passion levels high, and staying fresh and exuberant in our faith.

  • God's Great Light - Joel A'bell

    Episode 3

    Do people see Jesus in you? Pastor Joel A'Bell teaches us that God is all sufficient and all-powerful. Once we understand that He is light, then we can learn to let His light dwell in us and our hearts will reflect and reveal His Glory.

  • I Wonder What Could Happen If - Julia A'Bell

    Episode 4

    Do people see Jesus in you? Pastor Joel A'Bell teaches us that God is all sufficient and all-powerful. Once we understand that He is light, then we can learn to let His light dwell in us and our hearts will reflect and reveal His Glory.

  • Living In His Image - Catrina Henderson

    Episode 5

    Catrina Henderson speaks from Genesis 1:1 and the creation story. If we can understand how God created us, we'd understand why he created us. God's Word is so powerful that it shapes the universe and our reality.

  • Acceptable Worship - Joel A'Bell

    Episode 6

    Pastor Joel A'Bell encourages us to worship God. Acceptable worship is not a style or a particular way of doing it, but it's about a pure heart and clean hands. Have you got a heart after God and is your activity generous towards other people?

  • Glorious Inner Strength - Robert Fergusson

    Episode 7

    Robert Fergusson speaks from Ephesians 3, inspiring us to believe beyond our imagination. God wants us to believe for the impossible and to ask for the unimaginable to develop a glorious inner strength for God to fulfil His purposes.

  • Get Set - Peter Toggs

    Episode 8

    We can all be set in our ways; our experiences create filters through which we view the world. Pastor Peter Toganivalu’s message entitled “Get Set” teaches us that God wants to change some of our ways, through the transforming of our minds.

  • I Hope - Scott Samways

    Episode 9

    Pastor Scott (Sanga) Samways speaks from Psalm 62 - David's hope was from God, his individual, personal hope. Hope lifts expectations and sees a way through. God desires that we live this life with hope in Him.

  • Bringers of Salvation - Sam DiMauro

    Episode 10

    Pastor Sam Di Mauro encourages us to believe in what God is doing, to have a heart for what God has a heart for. There's a divine partnership - God wants us to work with Him to reach people for God.

  • Pour it Out - Ben Little

    Episode 11

    Pastor Ben Little speaks from 2 Samuel 23 - man was never intended to carry glory that is meant for God. Whenever we have a win, let's keep in our minds that God has always got more for our future.

  • The Extravagant Dimensions of Christ's Love - Robert Fergusson

    Episode 12

    Pastor Robert Fergusson teaches us from Ephesians 3 and the extravagant dimension of Christ's love. We all need this kind of love in our lives; rooted and established so that we are not shaken when troubles come our way.

  • War of the Worlds - Joel A'Bell

    Episode 13

    Pastor Joel A'Bell speaks from Mark 5 in this message entitled “War of the Worlds”. We're in this world, but we're not meant to be like this world. We're in this world, and we're meant to save this world!

  • Full in The Fullness of God - Robert Fergusson

    Episode 14

    Robert Fergusson teaches us from Paul’s prayer for the Ephesians church. We love to measure and contain everything, but God is saying that His world is immeasurable. God wants us to think differently and remove the limitations.

  • Dirt to Diamonds - Scott Samways

    Episode 15

    Scott (Sanga) Samways, reminds us that God wants to take us on a journey from brokenness to breakthrough. We can all be found in the dirt at times, but, like Mary, we have incredible value and worth in the eyes of Jesus.

  • How To Find Your Wall Creeper - Robert Fergusson

    Episode 16

    Perhaps there is a part of the Bible you have read, but are yet to experience? Pastor Robert Fergusson shares his passion for biology and birds in this message as he encourages us to go on a journey where God can fulfil the promises He has for us.

  • Good Things That Last Forever - Joel A'Bell

    Episode 17

    Pastor Joel A'Bell talks about giving – a willingness to lose all and the eagerness to use all. God puts us all on the same page through the principle of tithing. We are all part of God's story when we give to His kingdom and His house.

  • The Waiting Room - Sanga Samways

    Episode 18

    Pastor Scott (Sanga) Samways teaches us from Luke 10 in this episode. He talks about that place where you have yet to see the breakthrough - the waiting room. How do we stay open to God in these seasons? Trust God, He is with us always.

  • A Confronting Kind of Kindness - Julia A'Bell

    Episode 19

    Julia A'bell teaches us about a confronting type of kindness. God is a kind God with wide-open arms, ready to embrace us. Authentic kindness leaves a residue. Confronting kindness is one that embraces people who don't love us back.

  • Changed & Changing Still - Joel A'Bell

    Episode 20

    Pastor Joel A'Bell, aims to get rid of some of the fear of change. Joel encourages us to embrace change, take a hold of it and change in the right direction - to become more like Jesus. Daily, small steps to become who God wants us to be!

  • True Miracles - Robert Fergusson

    Episode 21

    Robert Fergusson teaches us about Elijah, an ordinary man in an impossible situation - he needed God to act. We need a good theology on miracles to understand them and we need to believe in a God who can intervene.

  • New Roads New Rivers - Donna Crouch

    Episode 22

    Donna Crouch talks about faithfulness. Jesus unpacks this in the parable of the talents. All God asks us to do is to increase - how do we grow what’s in our hands right now? Grab the opportunity and do your best under Him.

  • No Miracles - Robert Fergusson

    Episode 23

    Robert Fergusson speaks about miracles - things that interrupt the natural order of things and point to Jesus are true miracles. God loves using the unlikely to do His mighty works, so don't let self get in the way of what He wants to do.

  • Change Before You Have To - Joel A'Bell

    Episode 24

    The Christian message teaches us to celebrate with those who move forward. Pastor Joel A'Bell, teaches us about change - none of us have to stay the same. So ask yourself, “What is God speaking to you about that will lead to change?”