Hillsong Church: Phoenix

Hillsong Church: Phoenix

2 Seasons

Experience Hillsong Church from around the world with this empowering message from the Hillsong Phoenix team.

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Hillsong Church: Phoenix
  • Origins and Bloodlines - Terry Crist

    Episode 1

    Pastor Terry Crist starts a new series called “Family Tree”. In this sermon, he talks about 'Origins and Bloodlines' from Micah 5. By believing in Jesus, we are now part of His family tree, and entitled to redemption through His blood.

  • Scandalous Beauty - Terry Crist

    Episode 2

    In this episode Pastor Terry Crist, continues his “Family Tree” series and speaks on scandalous beauty. Who you were matters less than who you are becoming in Christ. Jesus' family tree is not perfect but full of grace.

  • New Blood - Terry Crist

    Episode 3

    Pastor Terry Crist continues his “Family Tree” series, with this message titled “New Blood”. What does it mean to have the DNA of Jesus Christ? Pastor Terry leads us through a spiritual DNA test to find out exactly who we are.

  • Nations & Generations - Terry Crist

    Episode 4

    Pastor Terry Crist wraps up the “Family Tree” series. He speaks a very timely message on racial reconciliation. Jesus consistently crossed racial lines and ethnic barriers, and was a perfect example for us to love all.

  • The Power of One, Faith In Action - Terry Crist

    Episode 5

    It is a privilege to partner with God to make a change in the world around us, but what does it mean to live a life of significance? Pastor Terry Crist, encourages us on the power of one and our faith in action.

  • Essence & Worth - Terry Crist

    Episode 6

    Pastor Terry Crist starts a new series today called “Soul Care”. We have a soul – our inner world - and our outer world is connected to it. God wants your soul to be healthy and flourishing so that your outer world can benefit.

  • Soul Detox - Terry Crist

    Episode 7

    Similar to our bodies, our souls can also build up 'toxins' that have a negative impact on our health and well-being. Pastor Terry Crist continues his “Soul Care” series as he talks about a soul detox.

  • Resting to the Beat of Life - Terry Crist

    Episode 8

    Pastor Terry Crist continues with his 'Soul Care' series, with this message titled 'Resting to the Beat of Life'. Speaking from Matthew 11, Terry explains the principle of a day of rest, or Sabbath, within in our modern pace of life - recharging our souls is a sign of trusting in Jesus.

  • Contentment & Ambition - Terry Crist

    Episode 9

    Pastor Terry Crist, continues with his 'Soul Care' series. We can always find reasons to be discontent, and it's a universal problem. Contentment isn't connected to circumstances, but rather to your relationship with God.

  • Hide and Seek - Thomas Hansen

    Episode 10

    Pastor Thomas Hansen from Hillsong Copenhagen, speaks a message entitled 'Hide and Seek'. Have you ever asked the question, “Where is God?” Jesus is not found in a time or place, Jesus is found in the pursuit of Him.

  • Unpacking Jesus - Terry Crist

    Episode 11

    Pastor Terry Crist begins his 'Jesus Series', with a talk entitled 'Unpacking Jesus'. If Jesus is the answer to everything, who is Jesus historically, and who is Jesus to you, personally?

  • Jesus the Miracle Worker - Terry Crist

    Episode 12

    Pastor Terry Crist continues his ‘Jesus Series’ and speaks about the first miracle Jesus did - turning water into wine, and what we can learn about the character of Jesus through this event.

  • Jesus The Man - Tyler Crist

    Episode 13

    Pastor Tyler Crist continues ‘The Jesus Series’. Jesus is both divine and human, and in this message Tyler speaks about the humanity of Jesus, anchored around the sorrow Jesus experienced in the Garden of Gethsemane.

  • Jesus The Teacher - Terry Crist

    Episode 14

    Pastor Terry Crist concludes ‘The Jesus Series’ with this sermon about Jesus the teacher. It was obvious to all those who encountered Jesus that His teaching stood apart from what they previously knew and heard. Terry unpacks this and more.