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Watch this video and more on Hillsong Channel NOW

Y'all Mind If I Praise God - Dan Blythe

Hillsong Church: London – 52m

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    Are you fearful of the future or do you dread thinking about what lies ahead? Pastor Gary Clarke shares from Proverbs 31; God doesn't want our past to colour our future - He wants us to look at our future and smile!

  • Being a Believing Believer - Chris Me...

    Pastor Chris Mendez teaches us from Mark 9 in this message, “Being a believing believer”. Chris encourages us to not let our earthly experience affect our trust, but to have faith in Jesus as all things are possible through Him.

  • The Church Part 1 - Gary Clarke

    Pastor Gary Clarke starts his series titled “The Church” and asks, “What do you think when you hear the word 'church'?” One of the great challenges is whether we re-enforce or challenge peoples' perceptions of the church.