Hillsong Church: London

Hillsong Church: London

41 Episodes

Experience Hillsong Church from around the world with this empowering message from the Hillsong London team.

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Hillsong Church: London
  • Gary Clarke

    Episode 1

    The Bible tells us to continue to believe, does that mean we ever discontinue? Pastor Gary Clarke looks at the teaching of John and how belief brings the power of God into our lives on a personal level. God is not about “do good get good”.

  • Gary Clarke

    Episode 2

    Pastor Gary Clarke teaches on his revelation about the importance of fundamental basics from his experience as a horse trainer and teacher. We need to dig deep and concentrate on the core things that we have neglected.

  • Innovation Station - Dan Blythe

    Episode 3

    Today's talk is titled 'Innovation Station'. Dan Blythe believes the church is the station - we don't just come for good ideas, but for God ideas. We need relevant platforms for the good news to be heard by the next generation.

  • A Grace Heart in a Grace House - Kris Mikkelson

    Episode 4

    Pastor Kris Mikkelson shares from Zechariah 12:10 in this message about grace. Do we have kind hearts within this House of grace? What is flowing from our hearts? As we accept grace, and give grace, we in turn become gracious.

  • Necessary Endings and Unattractive New Beginnings - Kris Mikkelson

    Episode 5

    In this episode, Pastor Kris Mikkelson speaks on “Necessary endings and unattractive new beginnings”. If we want to step into all God has for us, we need to learn to how to love change, and to do transition well.

  • It's a Matter of Trust - Thomas Hansen

    Episode 6

    Does it ever feel like your reality does not meet your expectations? Pastor Thomas Hansen speaks on “It's a Matter of Trust”. God tells us that in this life we will have trouble, but He gives us many reasons to trust Him through the storms.

  • Praise Before Your Breakthrough - Richard Van Der Kolk

    Episode 7

    In this message, Pastor Richard van der Kolk encourages us to turn our attention on the goodness of God and off of our troubles. A lifestyle of praise softens hearts, strengthens our faith and tears down walls.

  • What Would You Do If God Showed You Your Future - Brendan White

    Episode 8

    What do you think your future holds for you? Pastor Brendan White shares this message titled, “What would you do if God showed you your Future?” We need to draw from a God who cares about our future.

  • The Local Church: The Hope of the UK, Europe and the World - Kris Mikkelson

    Episode 9

    In this sermon, Pastor Kris Mikkelson speaks on “The Local Church”. Our cities, countries and the world need a strong local church. Church should be a place of growth, refuge, and seen and heard in the community it's planted in.

  • Navigating the World We Live In - Gary Clarke

    Episode 10

    Gary Clarke, Lead Pastor of Hillsong Europe, speaks on 'Navigating the world we live In'. We live in an increasingly global world, where people are more aware and everyone has a voice. Gary shares his thoughts on how to live as Christians in this tension.

  • Playing Your Part in the World We Live In - Gary Clarke

    Episode 11

    It's time to accept responsibility to help make the world a better place. Pastor Gary Clarke speaks life into the turmoil that we currently live in. The Church has an opportunity to stand up and and share the hope we have in Jesus.

  • A New Generation for the World We Live In - Gary Clarke

    Episode 12

    Pastor Gary Clarke believes we live in an interesting time in history, with a new generation arising that can represent Jesus to the world in a more relevant way. How do we paint a new picture of God and attract people to come and know Him?

  • Don't Stop Looking - Freimut Haverkamp

    Episode 13

    We often treat God like a grandmother coming to visit packed with gifts - we expect promises on arrival. But sometimes there is waiting involved! Pastor Freimut Haverkamp, talks about living by faith and not by sight.

  • Being a Friend to your Destiny - Andreas Nielsen

    Episode 14

    Pastor Andreas Nielsen challenges our understanding of the word 'destiny'. He encourages us to be friends to those around us destinies, and to be salt and light to fulfil our own destiny and live out our purpose.

  • Prayer Keys - Dan Blythe

    Episode 15

    Youth Pastor Dan Blythe, reminds us that we shouldn't endure prayer, but should enjoy prayer. There is no formula, but rather the position of our hearts. He uses the Lord's Prayer to help us pray.

  • The Lord's Prayer - Robby Lewis

    Episode 16

    Jesus showed us how to pray by using the Lord's Prayer as a start to understanding society. Pastor Robby Lewis encourages us to not simply scroll past, but to actually engage with the world around us.

  • Pause And Think Part 1 - Gary Clarke

    Episode 17

    Pastor Gary Clarke explains the meaning of 'selah', which appears a number of times in the Psalms. Gary encourages us to pause, and think about how we are loving the people around us, and to put our faith in Jesus.

  • Kingdom - Robby Lewis

    Episode 18

    How we think, changes what we believe, which then affects how we behave. Pastor Robby Lewis, encourages us to look at the full picture of God's Kingdom, and study His Word so that we don't just pick and choose the parts we like or want to.

  • Pause and Think Part 2 - Gary Clarke

    Episode 19

    Pastor Gary Clarke encourages us to put our faith and hope in Jesus, and not in people who will always leave us disillusioned and disappointed. Loving others and investing into their lives will transform our hearts and the church.

  • Sing, and Pray All Day, All Day - Kris Mikkelson

    Episode 20

    The challenge of our Christian faith is to keep stepping out in faith, especially when everything around us is at its worst. Pastor Kris Mikkelson encourages us to pray and sing over our lives as we learn from Paul and Silas in Acts 16.

  • Pause and Think Part 3 - Gary Clarke

    Episode 21

    In the third part of the series “Pause and Think”, Pastor Gary Clarke encourages us to be still and quieten our negative thoughts; to find peace with God through prayer, which will lead to contentment and more love for those around us.

  • Running Your Race - Christine Caine

    Episode 22

    If we fix our eyes on Jesus, we will have the ability to withstand all we face and all we are called to. The only reason we're here is because of Jesus - he endured so that we can endure. Christine Caine encourages us to run your race.

  • For Such A Time As This - Gary Clarke

    Episode 23

    Pastor Gary Clarke speaks from the story of Esther. Perhaps the time you find yourself in is purposed. It's easy to feel concerned or frightened about the world we live in, but we have a responsibility to claim that we, as the church, have purpose in it.

  • Making God's Name Famous - Mal Fletcher

    Episode 24

    Guest speaker Mal Fletcher reminds us that God wants to be a household name, and He wants to do it through us. He has placed eternity in our hearts, so have faith, and finish your race well - there are no redundancies in the Kingdom!