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Watch this video and more on Hillsong Channel NOW

My Hand - My Reach

Brian Houston TV – 28m

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  • His Mission Is Now Our Mission

    In this episode Pastor Brian Houston preaches from the Southern Steps of the Temple Mount in Israel. He talks about the mission that Jesus outworked then and what our mission is today as Christians.

  • Relevance; Hole-y Jeans or Holy Life

    Pastor Brian Houston talks about living a relevant life. At the end of this episode, Pastor Brian opens up a conversation with Adam Spurling and Ben Little as they talk about their personal experience of living a life of relevance.

  • There Is More - Living Larger

    Pastor Brian Houston begins his ‘There is More’ series by teaching on how to live large. He challenges the way we see and think to focus on the promises and greatness of God. We live small-minded when we focus on ourselves and worry about what everyone else is doing.