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Watch this video and more on Hillsong Channel NOW

Behold - Supernatural New Things

Brian Houston TV – 28m

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    In this episode, Pastor Brian Houston talks about how God can use your disappointments as a “Proving Ground” and how your testimony can edify and show God's plans for you.

  • It's Not About Me

    Pastor Brian Houston speaks from Romans 12 where the Apostle Paul reminds us that the Gospel is an inclusive message for all people. We need to put aside our own agendas, and realise that the message of Jesus is for everybody. God commands blessing when people dwell together in unity.

  • Content - Not Lacking Pt.2

    Pastor Brian Houston continues his series on ‘Content’. He encourages us to live life in biblical contentment no matter the circumstances. Preaching on the topic of lack and overflow, Brian teaches how lack can be the work of the enemy and overflow is the will of God - a reoccurring theme in scri...