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Discover your God-given potential with Pastor Brian Houston as he shares empowering and inspiring messages from the Word of God.

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Brian Houston TV
  • There Is More - Living Larger

    Episode 1

    Pastor Brian Houston begins his ‘There is More’ series by teaching on how to live large. He challenges the way we see and think to focus on the promises and greatness of God. We live small-minded when we focus on ourselves and worry about what everyone else is doing.

  • There Is More - Expecting Greater!

    Episode 2

    Pastor Brian Houston continues his series ‘There Is More’ with this inspiring message titled ‘Expecting Greater!’. Brian gives five declarations we can speak over our lives to help align the direction of our expectation with God’s.

  • There Is More - Digging Deeper

    Episode 3

    Pastor Brian Houston continues his series of ‘There Is More’ with the message ‘Digging Deeper’. Teaching on the importance of pain in our lives, Brian explains how God often uses pain to speak to us, draw us closer to Him and to grow us. He unpacks this message through scripture by showing how go...

  • There is More - Larger - Greater - Deeper - Further

    Episode 4

    In this message, Pastor Brian Houston preaches on how to live larger, expect greater, dig deeper and go further to see that there is more in our lives with God. Brian encourage us to go further in the things of God even during our seasons of pain.

  • Positioned For Blessing - Bathe Yourself In Honour

    Episode 5

    Pastor Brian Houston delivers a message about honor. To live your life in honor will position you for blessing, and honor doesn't work one way - we honor God and we honor each other. Honor releases blessing in people’s lives.

  • Positioned For Blessing - Caught In The Middle

    Episode 6

    Pastor Brian Houston stirs up our faith in this passionate message. We cannot afford to be lukewarm for Jesus; we need to be on fire. Imagine the impact it would make on our world if we all stirred up our faith and put it into action.

  • Positioned For Blessing - Righteous Ownership

    Episode 7

    How are we positioning ourselves in life? Pastor Brian Houston shares around the parable of the workers in the field in Matthew 20. We set the life we dream of living so we need to grab hold of eternal perspective and eternal principals.

  • Man Up
    Episode 8

    Man Up

    Episode 8

    In this special message spoken at Hillsong Men's Conference, Pastor Brian Houston shares on the importance of dealing with negative strongholds that we may have in our internal thought-life and attitude.

  • Go - Align Your Life With The Mission Of God - Part 1

    Episode 9

    Is the life you're living resisting the potential within you? In this message, Pastor Brian Houston speaks about 'The Great Commission' and living your life with the purpose of God.

  • Go - Align Your Life With The Mission Of God - Part 2

    Episode 10

    What is stopping us from living our life on mission for God? Pastor Brian Houston highlights the resistance we may encounter when we live our life for God. Brian discusses how often we don’t even recognise our mission when it's in front of us because we only see the cost.

  • On Mission On Song On Purpose

    Episode 11

    What has God gifted to us that we aren’t using because we are afraid? Pastor Brian Houston teaches on how to live life on mission and aligned with the purposes of God. Brian explains how many of us live without purpose due to poor perception and fear.

  • You Are Gifted

    Episode 12

    We often lose sight of how much God actually gives us, things that we take for granted. In this message, Pastor Brian Houston preaches on using the God-given gifts He's given you and attaching them to Him and His future for your life.