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6 Seasons

Discover your God-given potential with Pastor Brian Houston as he shares empowering and inspiring messages from the Word of God.

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Brian Houston TV
  • Is It As It Seems

    Episode 1

    Pastor Brian Houston talks about how we make choices and decisions according to what seems good and based on what’s important to you. Brian chats to Niyah Rahmann, and Rich Langton about family and decisions making.

  • Is It As It Seems Part 2

    Episode 2

    Pastor Brian Houston continues his message on “As it Seems”. At the end of his message, Pastor Brian chats to Hillsong Executive Director Andrew Denton, and his daughter-in-law Kmy Denton about how to make the right decisions.

  • When Cyprus Never Looked Better

    Episode 3

    Pastor Brian talks about alignment and symmetry - making sure that you have the right things in aliment in your life so God can work in you and through you. He compares the lives of Paul and Barnabas and their commitment.

  • When Cyprus Never Looked Better Part 2

    Episode 4

    Pastor Brian continues his message on alignment and symmetry. Brian has a conversation with his wife Bobbie, and Ben Field about the importance of you life being aligned with God's purpose.

  • Help Me! I Need to Change My Life

    Episode 5

    Pastor Brian Houston kicks off this series, ‘Help Me! I Need to Change My Life’. Brian challenges us not fear change in our lives but to learn how to embrace it as well as seek opportunities that may bring about change.

  • Help Me! I Need to Change My Life Pt.2: A Change Exchange

    Episode 6

    Part 2 of Pastor Brian Houston’s ‘Help Me! I Need to Change My Life’ series. In this message, Brian asks the questions, do you need to change? Do you want to change? And do you believe you can change. These questions help us to prepare us for the changes we may have to face.

  • Help Me! I Need to Change My Life Pt.3: The Fight For Change

    Episode 7

    Pastor Brian Houston’s Part 3 of ‘Help Me! I Need to Change My Life’ series. This message shares valuable encouragement on how to change when we know we need it in our lives but do not know how. God wants to help us change but we also need to make an effort.

  • Help Me! I Need to Change My Life Pt.4: Fight or Flight, Forwards or Backwards, Up or Down

    Episode 8

    Join Pastor Brian Houston for part 4 of his ‘Help Me! I Need to Change My Life’ series. In this message, Brian asks if you ‘Fight or Flight’ when transformation or change comes your way? Brian unpacks this message through scripture, teaching how to fight with a conviction of who God is.

  • Content - Not Settled!

    Episode 9

    Join us for a new series from Pastor Brian Houston – ‘Content’. Learn how to live your life content but not settled. In this message Brian preaches on the importance of not letting your everyday routine life and worries settle down your passion for God.

  • Content - Not Resigned

    Episode 10

    Pastor Brian Houston’s part 2 of his ‘Content’ series. Brian preaches on living your life in contentment but not in resignation. We need to live in inner contentment but not in acceptance of our outer situations.

  • Content - Not Lacking Pt.1

    Episode 11

    Pastor Brian Houston continues his ‘Content’ series. Through the story of Epaphroditus in Philippians 4, Brian teaches on the differences between riches and blessing.

  • Content - Not Lacking Pt.2

    Episode 12

    Pastor Brian Houston continues his series on ‘Content’. He encourages us to live life in biblical contentment no matter the circumstances. Preaching on the topic of lack and overflow, Brian teaches how lack can be the work of the enemy and overflow is the will of God - a reoccurring theme in scri...

  • Content - Not Stuck!

    Episode 13

    Part 5 of Pastor Brian Houston’s ‘Content’ series. Brian gives practical wisdom on how to move forward when you feel stuck in life. He preaches on the importance of hindsight and foresight in seeing into our situation and learning from it as well as looking ahead to see that God is there.

  • Content - Not Indifferent

    Episode 14

    Part 6 of Pastor Brian Houston’s ‘Content’ series. Brian speaks on the danger of being indifferent and how it can appear in our Christian lives. He likens it to being in the middle ground or having a lukewarm attitude and how often it is simply us choosing to be comfortable.

  • The Contagious Nature Of Receptivity

    Episode 15

    Pastor Brian Houston preaches a message at Hillsong Conference on living a life of receptivity. Through scripture Brian shows the importance of being receptive to hearing God and how it will change the atmosphere of our life and those around us.

  • The Contagious Nature Of The Church

    Episode 16

    Pastor Brian Houston preaches at Hillsong Conference on the benefits of being planted in a local church, as we are all influenced by who and what is around us. Brian speaks on how the church continues to prevail, creating an environment that allows to people to flourish in their gifts.

  • The Contagious Nature Of Generosity

    Episode 17

    Brian Houston speaks about generosity in terms of heart and action and not by the measure of giving or donation. Through scripture, Brian unpacks what true generosity is, not being proven in a single act but instead seen through a lifestyle.